For any occasion – English

Beenhakkers Percussion can provide a drumcircle, energizer, workshop or happening with percussion-instruments, boomwhacker or body-percussion for almost any occasion, and in the English language:

-Team meetings / retreats
-Sales meetings
-Campaign / Products launches
-Staff employee training
-Corporate celebrations
-Solution, imagination& creativity generators

Drumcircles, energizers, happenings and workshops can be tailored to the specific goals of the group, and can be debriefed to enhance the value to the group and the client. They are suitable for almost any group of participants.


Possible themes for your occasion

The success of group drumming requires collaboration, listening, and being present in the moment. All programs, drumcircles, energizers and workshops dynamically explore themes such as:
-Team working
-Active listening
-Cooperation versus competition

Additional benefits include:
-Increased energy levels
-Improved employee satisfaction
-Crossing of barriers between departments
-Bridging of organisational age differences
-Greater camaraderie

Accents vary within each kind of program.

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