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contact-information in the English language:
for a price estimation for a workshop percussion, drumcircle or an energizer boomwhackers, please fill in the first contact-form below as completely as possible.
For a question please use the second questions-form.
Email or phone-number and other contact information are at the bottom of this page.
For urgent last-minute bookings you can best make a phone-call mo-fri 09.00-16.00 hour (GMT/UTC + 01:00 hour)
gsm +31-(0)6-5129 8903, or tel  +31-(0)85-8771760,  and have the information  as requested below at hand.
You can find a contact-form in Dutch here


Other information
For other information you can also send an email to

For bookings you can best phone, so I can personally discuss all the details with you.
gsm +31-(0)6-5129 8903, (mo-fri 09.00-16.00 hr)
tel  +31-(0)85-8771760 (mo-fri 09.00-16.00 hr)
GMT/UTC + 01:00 hour

Contact Information:
Beenhakker Slagwerk
Workshops Percussion, Energizers Boomwhackers and Drumcircles
Hans Beenhakkers

Mobile: +31-(0)6-5129 8903 (mo-fri 09.00-16.00 hr)
Tel.: +31-(0)85-8771760 (mo-fri 09.00-16.00 hr)
GMT/UTC + 01:00 hour
fax: +31-(0)84-868 9898
Morelstraat 44bis, 3552 GP Utrecht
Mooksestraat 19, 6562 ZT Groesbeek
Netherlands / Holland / Pais-Bas

The old phone-number  +31-(0)30-2438618 has expired, you can phone now with +31-(0)85-8771760