Happenings Fun – English

Happenings are adventurous combinations of different games, exercises, and work forms. They are combined into a fun program that suits that particular group at that moment. There is lots of space for laughter an humour. The participants are more free to do what they want or to suggest new directions.


various Happenings are possible

Drum-Happening / Drumcircle
Free drumming on conga’s djembe’s and bass-drums

Boomwhacker Happening
Whack those tubes and make it happen!

Voice Happening
Use your voice like you never did before.
Singing-skills ore nice voice are not important!

Happening bucket drumming
Hit those bucket how you want and make rhythms

Body-percussion Happening
Body percussion rhythms made and combined in new ways

Schuhplattler Happening
Hit those shoes and thighs and clap and jump to make a beat!

Rhythm-Jam Happening
Combination of all Happenings, combines into a big Rhythm-Jam

more on Happening (in Dutch)