Kind of Programs – English

Percussion Beenhakkers offers different kinds of programs. They are all suited for many different occasions: a corporate conference energiser, meeting icebreaker, break-out, away day activity, or a team building exercise.
The programs can be fun, serious or both (mostly) Each program has it’s own accents and quality. All programs have lots of humor and community building.

Longer program with various percussion instruments. Within the group everybody craetes his/her own rythm. The facilitator listens to the group and gives directions in HOW to play, not WHAT to play, so the group learns how to create together an in-the-moment ryhtm. Everyone can explore end express their rhythms in any form that works for them. Looking for and sharing things that connects you with the others, instead of what seperates you from the others.
Accent is on connection, contact, relationship, sharing, exploration, respect, community building.
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Energizer Boomwhackers
Shorter program with colored, tuned plastic tubes. The group is directed into easy-to-play rhythms that gives the group an energetic boost of making music together.
Accent is on energy, humor, fun activity
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Workshop Percussion
Medium program with 3-4 types percussion instruments, eg. djembe’s, bass-drums and bells. Each instrument-group gets their drum-parts from the facilitator, who guides the group step-for-step, to playing a simple musical arangement under his guidance.
Accent is on activity, listening, and cooperation.