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  • Are you looking for corporate conference energisers, a meeting icebreaker, a away day activity, or a fun team building exercise, or just some fun?
  • A Musical Energiser can contribute to your corporate team training session, and encourages effective co-operation rather than competition amongst your employees.
  • You want to freshen-up your meeting so your group (20-1000 persons) can continue with new energy?
  • You quickly (15-30 min) want to achieve a surprising result with your group?
  • You want an active start to your conference, or to revive delegates in the after lunch ‘graveyard’ slot?

Then ‘s time for an Energiser by Hans Beenhakkers from Beenhakkers Percussion, for example a Energiser Boomwhackers.
It fits almost every possible occasion, group, location and place and is great for team-building, community-building, ice breaker, conferences, celebrations and fun. The energiser can be tailored to suit your specific needs.

Short Musical Energiser

Your group quickly learns to play a simple but swinging rhythm-composition, which makes everyone happy and energetic. You don’t need musical experience: you learn the rhythms by means of call and response.
By ear you learn to play simple rhythm, which complement the other rhythms,  so the whole rhythm is more than the sum of its parts (synergy). The group-cohesion is strengthened, normal habits and thought-patterns evaporate, and makes place for a positive and relaxed atmosphere.


Energisers are possible for groups of 10 up to hundreds of persons.
Length of the energiser is (depending on your schedule and program) from 10/15 up to 30/40 minutes.

Different kinds of Energisers

Lots of fun, energy and active music-making with the colourful, lightweight plastic tubes called Boomwhackers.

Clappy-Happy Energiser
Another possibility is a hilarious Energiser Clappy-Happy with household gloves or re-usable work gloves. A musical and fun clapping spectacle for all kinds of groups.

Body-percussion Energiser
The same kind of rhythmic energiser is also available without gloves as a bit more serious energiser body-percussion.

Voice-liberation Energiser
Use your voice as it is, with no judgements.

Bucket-Drumming Energiser
Hit those buckets with boomwhackers.

Schuhplattler Energiser
Jump, kick and slap your thighs.

Rhythm-Jam Energiser
Combination of different energisers cumulate into a “grand finale”

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