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Practical information and Facts in English about the drumcircles, energizers, happenings, instrument and workshops by Percussion Beenhakkers :


  • Groups from about 10 to several hundreds participants.
  • Length of standard-workshops: 45,60, 2 x 40 or 2 x 55 minutes.
  • Drumcircle: creativity / self-expression workshops: For smaller groups only (-100).
  • Energizer: short, 15, 20, 30 or 40 minutes energetic boost for your group, eg with boomwhackers or household gloves.
  • Happening – Funshop: relaxation, humour, fun.
  • Standard-workshop: a “cooperative experience” with moments of insight.
  • Corporate party workshops: up to 6 25 minute workshops during the party, up to 100 persons per workshop.

Prices on request, depending on location, size of the group, length etc.


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Percussion Beenhakkers provides all the instruments for the drumcircle, energizer boomwhackers, happening or workshop from it’s own huge collection.
These are top-quality, professional percussion instruments, and include:

40 African Djembe’s
30 Conga’s
25 Bass-drums
125 Cowbells
55 Agogo’s
175 Brazilian Tambourims
200 Clave’s
165 Shakers
+1000 Boomwhackers

We have something to fit everyone, whatever your size and shape, able-bodied or not, you can be part of a Beenhakkers Percussion performance.

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