percussie wereldrecords

een aantal percussie wereldrecords, voor wat ze waard zijn :-)
Een aantal video’s (laden kan even duren dus) en de tekst is nog gedeeltelijk in Engels (vertaling volgt)

wereldrecordoging het meeste maracas schudden gedurende 2 minuten


wereldrecordpoging voor het grootste bodypercussie of lichaamspercussie ensemble

World’s largest percussion show
A total of 14,883 drummers, one of the biggest ensemble of the drummers, set a new record of playing the traditional Khol drum for a period of 15 minutes in India’s northeastern Assam state. The feat was achieved on January 06 in Titabor town of the state’s Jorhat district, where a total of 14,883 Bayans (traditional percussionists) assembled with their Khols as they performed continuously for 15 minutes.

Guiness book of records percussion

The largest percussion performance was held at the Hong Kong Coliseum, Hong Kong, China on 2 July 2002 when 10,102 people played a percussive rhythm for over 6 minutes. The performance was part of ‘The Music of the Dragons’ concert and the instruments played were: Cow Bell, Hand Drum, Guiro, Triangle, Maraca and Chocalho de Platinela.

The largest body percussion ensemble was achieved by 7,089 participants during an event organised by the Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups (Hong Kong) at the Hong Kong Coliseum, Hong Kong, on 2 July 2012. The record attempt took place at a special event organised to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the establishment of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government. Over 7,000 young people with a passion for music were nominated to take part from 135 schools, music centres and youth groups. Acclaimed percussionist Dr Lung Heung Wing led the ensemble in a remix of the popular Chinese song ‘Zhong Guo Ren’ and the theme from ‘Mission Impossible’. Participants used four body percussion moves during the attempt: clapping their hands, patting their knees, patting their shoulders and stomping. The whole event was broadcast live on television.

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