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International Rhythm-coach for trainings, courses (and soon online-courses) rhythm-coaching for people with little or no rhythm. Languages: English, Deutsch, Français and Español.

Why develop your sense of Rhythm?

So why is developing some sense of rhythm important? It is very unpleasant to watch / hear someone playing, singing, moving or dancing out of time or irregular. And if you have no or close-to-none sense of rhythm, nobody want to sing, make music, or dance with you. And also for some sports (e.g. rowing, aerobic) you need to have rhythm. For all those things you have to keep time and feel the rhythm. So that’s what you are gonna learn with me :-).

Rhythm Coaching by Video Call

This site offers personal rhythm coaching to people who want to develop their sense of rhythm. And especially for people who think they are hopeless in Rhythm.

Every body has rhythm in some sort of way, it only needs to be practised. You don’t have to be able to read notes or understand anything of music or rhythms. I will guide you :-).

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Online Rhythm Coaching video Course

For now I can offer you personal Rhythm Coaching by Zoom / Video Call.
The online video course will come online in the year 2022, but will be in Dutch only at first.

More information on Rhythm-coaching

For more information on Rhythmcoaching, write a message at the contact-page, phone me or email me.