Happenings Fun – English

Happenings are adventurous combinations of different games, exercises, and work forms. These are combined into a fun program that suits the group at that moment. There is lots of space for laughter an humour. The participants are at moments free to do what they want or to suggest new directions. “Happenings Fun – English” verder lezen

Drum circles workshops – English

Let your group explore and experience the values that create a successful group-improvisation on drums. Build community through hands-on music making!  Men, women and children are welcome to join the fun of a drum circle. No experience with drumming is needed, and no musical training. We will communicate with each other with rhythm and share the joy of improvising music that is being created together in-the-moment. A spontaneous rhythmic jam-session for all skill levels, also non-rhythmic or non-musical persons. “Drum circles workshops – English” verder lezen

Hans Beenhakkers – English

A founder of organisational development through the medium of professionally-led percussion Energizers, Happenings and workshops, Hans Beenhakkers has more than 20 years of success in creating and delivering events. He does this for groups from ten up to several hundreds of participants, in business, community, the arts and personal celebrations. “Hans Beenhakkers – English” verder lezen

Beenhakkers Percussion Drumcircles – English

Drumcircle-workshops, Energizers, Happenings and Boomwhackers in English. For community-building, team-building, conferences, celebrations, fun, by Beenhakkers Percussion.
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Inspiring cooperation, creativity, communication and change, through the exhilarating experience of hands-on music making. For any group, any occasion, any reason. Any where, any time, in any way! A Drumcircle-workshop, Energizer or Happening always fits in. “Beenhakkers Percussion Drumcircles – English” verder lezen

Contact – English

Contact-information in the English language on Energizers, Drumhappenings / Drumcircle-workshops, Happenings, Workshops or Boomwhackers.

1For a simple question please use the first Questions-Form 1, or email to .
2 For a price estimation, booking, or detailed information please fill in the second Booking / Price Information Form 2 below as completely as possible. “Contact – English” verder lezen